Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How to choose your wedding or event photographer

How to choose your wedding or event photographer

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

(1) BOOK YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER EARLY! Most weddings are held on Saturdays. There are only 52 Saturdays a year - dates fill up fast. Don't delay choosing the wedding photographer you want or the process of elimination may choose him for you!

(2) Shopping by phone for a photographer can be confusing. Pricing methods may be as hard to understand as the Income Tax Code! Schedule a meeting with the photographer so you can see their work and get a clear understanding of the way they do business.

(3) When viewing samples of the photographer's work, be sure you are seeing the work of the photographer you are talking to and the photographer that will be shooting your wedding.

(4) Make sure the wedding photographer is using professional equipment and professional back-up equipment. You want to be sure he can do the job come what may!

(5) Discuss with the photographer and perhaps make a list or clip / download examples of photos you would like in your album. What style do you prefer, posed pictures "traditional" or do you like more candids "photojournalism / romantic". The more explicit your instructions to the photographer, the better the odds your wedding photography will meet your expectations and misunderstandings will be eliminated. If your photographer resists this input from you I would resist signing with him.

(6) Personality is very important! Your wedding day can be made or ruined by your photographer. This is where a reference from your photographer may be most important, make sure they are recent client(s). During your consultation, did you feel comfortable that the photographer is capable of behaving professionally and in a friendly non abrasive way? Do you feel that you are a good personality match?

(7) Schedule a pre-bridal photo session. It will enhance your album and provide beautiful wall portraits.

(8) Your wedding photos will provide you years of memories of this very special day - you want to look your best. Consider using a professional skilled in photography make-up to do your make-up. They can enhance your natural beauty.

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