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How and When to Book Your Wedding Photographer

At Photo By: Randy De Puy We Have noticed the trend towards booking our services further ahead of the intended date than just a few years ago. A year or two ago the typical Bride was looking for her wedding photographer just 3-6 months before her wedding date. This year we are receiving inquiries for 2009 and even 2010. We book 80-90% of our weddings between Christmas and the end of February. Its obvious that wedding planning becomes a real priority right after the holidays. When interviewing for your wedding photographer it is important to have a few questions that you ask each potential photographer. On that list of questions I would include;

**How many years experience do you have?

**Do you work with an assistant or additional photographer?

**Will we receive all of the high resolution digital files?

**How many hours will you spend with us on our wedding day?

**Do you have backup equipment?

**Are you my wedding photographer? (this question is perhaps the most important, often photographers book multiple weddings for the same day and then send out less experienced photographers to cover their multiple bookings)

**Can I look at an entire wedding? (Its good to see what sort of work your photographer can really deliver, not just the "best of the best of the best") Of course you will have more questions than these but these few cover a lot of important issues.

There are a couple simple things you can consider that can make your wedding day and wedding photos turn out great. Consider meeting one another before the ceremony. We understand that this is a major break with tradition but it can prove worthwhile. Meeting before the ceremony provides several advantages;

**A new exciting "Photo Op" is created when the groom is situated at the altar and the bride approachs him from down the isle, when he turns to greet her some sweet emotional photos can be taken (this is a good example of a time when two photographers can prove advantageous).

**Formal photos of the Bride and Groom can then be taken.

**This will free up time between the ceremony and reception. You can use this freed up time to arrive at your reception sooner or, you can use this time to get more creative with your photography between the wedding and reception. IE give the photographer time to setup more romantic or creative photos at the church or even stop at a special location for more photos.

Two of our most popular photos are:

It goes without saying that you need to have a nice mirror on hand to make these photos.

This bride had one of her bridesmaids bring along this mirror in her mini van.

If you would like to meet with a photographer who can provide all these things and more for you, and can do it while having fun and making you feel comfortable on your special day feel free to give us a call at: 614-263-5227.

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