Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finding THE Photographer for Your Wedding

Finding THE photographer for your wedding is one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. Of course you want the perfect gown,
the right color scheme, beautiful flowers. Then there's the bridesmaids dresses for your ladies and a tux for your man that shows everyone just what a handsome groom really looks like. Dinner menu, cake, DJ, the list is never ending. One thing they all have in common, your memory of them is reliant on the quality of your photography.

As you search for a photographer remember that you will be
working closely with him from the beginning to the end of your wedding day. If you don't find her professional & personable at your initial interview imagine how you will feel about them by the end of the day.

Another consideration is style. Sure you may like photojournalism, but Grandma and aunt Martha are really going to expect some professionally posed traditional photos. Your memory of that first dance with your new partner and your last dance as
"Daddy's little girl" need to have that romantic or dreamy feel. Then there is the fun stuff, candids, cake cutting, garter and bouquet, the last thing you want to hear is "Can you do that again". Make sure you see all these things in your photographers work.

Whats included? Engagement portrait?
Many photographers will offer an engagement portrait session as an add on or as a complimentary service. A signature portrait, or photo guest book can be a real treasure for years to come.

Hours of service? Some photographers charge per hour or offer an unlimited hours rate.

One photographer / Photographer and assistant / multiple photographers? Multiple photographers are becoming more and more popular as brides realize the value of two or more vantage points or always having a photographer "on deck".

Images? Most modern brides realize the value of receiving a disk of their high resolution images. Beware of: slide show disk /proof disk /preview disk / image disk. Make sure the words high, full or camera resolution are on the contract. You will also need a copyright release letter.

Album? Albums come in a great variety of sizes, styles, quality and printing technologies. The coffee table or yearbook style books are normally the least expensive, but their page design can be just as creative as the most expensive flush-mount album. Album cover options are a great place to show your sense of style. Different colors and textures of leather, metallic treatments, acrylic and photographic styles provide a broad range of looks.

Online? For your out of town guests and for your own convenience your photos can be made available online. In addition to the standard prints and enlargements many online photo labs will offer fun gifts ranging from coffee cups to calenders.

Last but not least does your photographer look happy / does he have a good rapport with people? these personal traits will reflect in the final product. A smiling happy photographer will naturally take happy smiling photos.

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